Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pop-pop!

We had fun with Pop-pop Lubin, Aunt Kathy, Erin, and Kyle on Pop-pop's 83rd birthday!


Britt said...

Well, you've convinced me to do a blog for my girls! I wanted to but just didn't, but now I'm inspired(: I'm sure mine will never be as great as yours, but you can just humor me and tell me it's fabulous!I'll let y'all know when I've done it. Love you 3!

Some Like the Kimchi said...

You are such a BEAUTIFUL new mom! I hope I look that good and skinny after I have this one! She'll be my we'll see! Wish me luck.
Your daughter is beautiful... Looks like you are having a blast as a mommy! XOXO