Sunday, December 13, 2009

Child vs. wild

These are some pics from Helen over Thanksgiving weekend. We drove up for the day and "hiked" to Anna Ruby Falls. It was just the right level of difficulty for a 2-year-old: about 1 mile, paved the whole way (plus we had her stroller). Some dogs and alpacas showed up, so the experience kind of turned into a petting zoo, which made it all the better.

Downtown Helen is pretty tacky, so we skipped over it this time and stopped for a cheap and delicious lunch at North Georgia Barbeque Company. I would add it to the short list of "Helen's Best" alongside the Nora Mill grits and Nacoochee Grill.

Char is learning to accessorize on her own terms

Monday, November 9, 2009

At Long Last: Char's Second

Better late than never? Here are some pictures from Charlotte's second birthday party. We did a Noah's Ark theme: "Noah's friends came 2 by 2. Charlotte wants to party with you!"

We ended up with a great turnout. When the kids arrived, they got to pick an animal persona to take on for the party. Each kid colored a picture of his/her animal, then had the option of having his/her face painted. (Thanks to our artists, Uncle Travis and his friend Ashlyn the art major!) Shawn made balloon animals for everyone, though some of them ended up being used as swords.

When everyone was into the swing of things and filled up with barbecue, we headed outside to the playground area for the "Animal Roundup." We had egg-shaped plastic animals (Easter clearance!) filled with toddler goodies such as stickers, goldfish, candy ... The older kids scored most of the prizes, but the toddling 2-year-olds seemed oblivious to their loss, so it worked out.

Since it was also Shawn's 30th b-day, Char's cake--"Shawn's Ark"--sported the old guy on top and adorable pairs of animals around the sides. Char had a personal cupcake for the big song--and she actually blew out the candles! (No, I did not make the confections, but I did pay for them and enjoy them greatly.)

We decorated with lots of animals--stuffed and plastic--and giant signs made by Uncle Travis and Aunt Dana. Not as fancy as her first party (the Parisian soiree), but lots of fun for all.

And now it's time to start on party #3!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here are a few highlights from our Lubin family trip to OBX, Avon: jet skiing, parasailing, swimming, playing and lots of eating (not pictured) with family. Click to enlarge (because I'm sure everyone wants to see us life-size in our swimsuits)!
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