Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Melancholy Model

We took Charlotte to have her picture taken. This was a second attempt, and I recruited Shawn to help me with the endeavor. Charlotte was happy as a clam, full and well-rested, until the photographer stepped in front of her. The woman was sure that goofy noises, tickling, and waving toys would win our baby over, but we know our girl better than that. She did not care for the photographer, and no number of gimmicks would produce a good shot. As soon as I calmed her down, Charlotte would see the photographer's face or hear her voice, begging and prodding, and burst out in screams.

Below are the few half-way decent pictures we could salvage. You will notice that I had to hold her for three of the four; as evidenced by the red nails, I had not planned on this. The other picture was supposed to be Charlotte sitting against a floral background, but you will see Shawn's hand propping her up. The photographer wouldn't believe that a 2-month-old can't sit up on her own!

So we'll be going for session number 3- with a different photographer- sometime soon.


Shawn Butler said...


I claim First Comment privileges! Which means I can scold all subsequent commentors--> More people need to be actively participating in the updates of Tiny Little Baby Charlotte's Adventurous Life and Blog.

I may have to begin some large-scale promoting to ensure this happens.

Also, Our Baby Is Awesome! She loves pictures, she simply seems to hate photographers. The good news is that we paid $N0.oo Moneys! to get these fantastic images.

Super Ro said...

This is precisely the reason we haven't had a photo shoot for Sophie yet, but we're working on it. :)

Charlotte's favorie Auntie Britt said...

Shawn and Ginny, little Charlotte looks beautiful in these pictures, despite the adventure it sounds like you had(: By the way, taking pictures doesn't get easier until, I'm convinced, age 6?!