Monday, July 9, 2007

Daddy-Daughter Duet

Shawn and Charlotte sing a little guitar ditty. Below are the words:

Charlotte Baby, you're so sweet,
I look at you and you're good enough to eat.
My companion to sing along,
Feel free to join in the song.
Ready, go.
Ginny: Ready, go.
Sing your part.
And let's jam. Let it go.

Charlotte Baby, you're my little girl.
You're singing louder than I even can.
(spoken) Are you seeing this?
You can do it if you don't know the words.
But that's okay, nobody expects you to know the words.
Ginny: Nobody expects you to know the words.

They say before you walk, you've got to crawl.
Before you sing, you've got to learn to talk.
But you're doing just fine, And you don't even know how to rhyme.
But you're doing just fine.

Charlotte: Oooh. Ooh-whoo. Oooh. Ooh-whoo.
Oooh. Oh. Oooh. Ooh-whoo. Oooh. Ooh-whoo.

That's your words and that's your part.
They don't mean much, but they come from the heart.
I can tell you've got the music in you,
And that's just fine... (spoken) you're overpowering my part, too.

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Anonymous said...

Alright, so I just checked out her blog and this duet is the cutest! Pretty soon she will be playing her own guitar and singing. She is getting so big! I love her big blue eyes, they are beautiful! So, will we get to see you on your way to Atlanta in September? You can stay here no problem, we would love it!!! - Wendy