Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Charlotte is absolutely enthralled with Savannah and Halle. She's seen them twice in the last couple weeks, and now she talks about them all the time. They represent all things girly and awesome. Sometimes Charlotte will get up in the morning and stand at the top of the stairs calling, "Savannah! Where are you?"

This idolatry is paying off in more than one way. I have a new persuasive tactic: "Savannah and Halle go pee-pee on the potty!" and "Savannah would never throw her food on the ground."

I thought Charlotte just had an incredible sense of family, but it turns out she may be a little confused. At the church the other day, she was running around with her friend Ryan Calloway and his cousin; she got really excited and shouted, "Cousins!" So maybe she thinks any fun little kids are her cousins. Or maybe she had some innate understanding that Ryan and this little girl were cousins, and she was just filling me in. The former explanation is very cute; the latter is rather eerie.

Anyway, while Shawn was working on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Char and I had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Aunt Dana graduated from high school (Congratulations, Sis!) and we enjoyed the accompanying festivities. Our Monday was spent with the world's best cousins, going swimming in ice-cold water, playing with princess toys, and eating good grub. Thanks for letting us join your fam for the day, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Britt!
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D.C. Butler's said...

This girl is too cute! Look at those blonde curls. She is one of those babies you just want to gobble up and eat! Don't be alarmed. I will refrain when we see you in Florida. Thanks for the update!

Kelly Grace said...

Sorry to respond over comments:) We are moving to AZ, jeff got into dental school-yeah it has taken us a while to get goin! We are going to be in Mesa/Gilbert! How are you? How is life?

Britt Butler said...

I just love this picture of those cousins! She's so sweet to love them so much(: I know my girls love her a ton too...she's just more vocal about it(;