Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few revisions have been made in the last 16 months. Here is Charlotte's updated list of favorite things:
10. Milk. And cookies. I'm surprised Char's hands don't cramp up from the sheer volume of milk and cookie signs she makes each day.
9. Her blanket. Charlotte's crafty mother made her a fleecy mermaid blanket to give her an attachment object, and it worked like a charm! Now I have to tear it away to launder it every few days. She's disappointed when the fringe comes back not tasting of milk or cheese, but she gets over it.
8. Technology: computers, cell phones, scanners, fax machines, TV's...
7. Music. The first thing Charlotte does in the morning is turn on her CD player. The sleepytime music is boring; she wants to hear dance music so she can jam out. "Nah-no! Nah-no!" (We only know this means "more" because she also makes the sign.)
6. Babies! Charlotte is a little mama to her baby dolls, rocking them, swaddling them, and pushing them in a stroller. She also loves to leaf through past issues of Pregnancy & Newborn and point out each and every baby.
5. Talking about animals and the noises they make. Charlotte and I literally spend about 50% of our conversation on animals. The rest is spent on babies.
4. Reading about animals. Charlotte has lots of books, and she likes them all, but all books are not created equal. She cried this morning when I had to throw out an animal book that she pooped on.
3. Looking through photos. Char LOVES to get into the photo albums. She has the uncanny ability to recognize family members even when they're years younger than they are now.
2. Sitting on her potty. She has utilized the potty for its intended purpose a few times (I could count the occasions on one hand), but she sees it as the ultimate Reading Throne for the girl with short legs. She will sometimes sit her dolls on it as well. (Hey, everyone needs some quiet reading time once in a while!)
1. Her family. Char truly loves people, and her family members are her favorites.

And a few things she doesn't love so much:
5. Finger foods with strange textures. She'll eat mushy/bendy/squishy foods at times, but only on the end of a fork.
4. Being ignored. It doesn't happen often, but when Charlotte sees that she's lost the center of attention, she's not pleased.
3. These negatives are hard to come up with! The girl is honestly very upbeat.
2. Being cooped up indoors.
1. Having her nails clipped. Sometimes even the "Little Piggies" aren't distraction enough.


Tara said...

Ok, so I did not know about this Butler blog. I only had "The Thoughts of Shawn" bookmarked. I mean, Shawn's thoughts are very interesting and thought provoking, but lets be honest, we really want to see more pictures of your adorable daughter. Oh my goodness is she delicious! I love her halloween costume. We miss you guys.

Steve and Steph said...

She is getting so grown up. It sounds like she is a smart little one, which is no surprise.

Shawn Butler said...

Agreed, Tara. You'll notice that even MY "interesting and thought provoking" blog has a link to Ginny's blog and the adorable pictures of Charlotte. I mean, what's the internet REALLY for, if not to have your own online photo gallery of cute children?