Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charlotte's World

Charlotte's first day of nursery with Miss Sarah and Miss Traci. Sarah teaches 1st grade and Traci works at a preschool, so she's in good hands! Char has gone to nursery for the last month, and she loves it! According to her teachers, she enjoys going through ALL the books, dancing around during music time, eating snacks, coloring and riding the rocking horse.

That's my girl! Char enjoys going through her clothes every day and leaving them in a big pile for Mom to pick up (yes, she calls me "Mom"- with something of a Midwest accent). She asks for her tutu when she's feeling especially girly.

The joy of making a mess.

Char has some of her dad in her too: she has a strong penchant for technology. Here she critically analyzes her scanning options.


Steve and Steph said...

When did Charlotte become a little girl and not a baby? She is so funny and I love all of her Janie and Jack outfits. I miss you. You should definitely come to AZ sometime soon.

Masons said...

That picture of Charlotte pointing at the camera is so freakin awesome! She is a model already. I love it.

William and Lacey said...

Charlotte is still the CUTEST little girl me & Billy have ever seen! And oh my... I love her little white knee socks and skirt! SO cute! : )

The Collette Fam said...

Charlotte really is a beautiful little girl now! When and how do our babies change so much and so fast?! It was so fun to catch up on your sweet lil' family Ginny. I love the tutu pics. She's darling.