Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Here are some really cute pictures that Brent Reese and his dad took over Thanksgiving Break. I just wanted to show them off.
Also, I must report how Charlotte has changed in the last month. She is so grown up! Charlotte now has two (2) teeth and loves to try new mushy foods. She has been crawling for a few weeks, getting into everything and tearing up the place. About two days after she learned to crawl, Charlotte learned how to pull herself to a standing position. Now she is not happy unless she's moving or standing. Sitting through church is nearly impossible. The three words that best describe Charlotte are as follows: active, cheerful, and curious.
Shawn is enjoying his (3 week!) Christmas Break. We are relaxing here in Georgia, getting ready for Charlotte's first Christmas and spending time with family.


Steve and Steph said...

Yea, another post! I love the pictures. Charlotte is adorable and I can't believe she is already crawling. They grow up so fast, huh? I miss you!

Adam & Wendy said...

I love the new pictures. She is just the cutest. Hope you have a fun Christmas.

Kelly Grace said...

Well, it is about time mam! It is incredible how fast they grow! I cant believe she is pulling herself up already! That seems pretty early, Look out! She is as cute as ever, I love her little tongue! Merry Christmas.