Monday, November 26, 2007

The Butlers Are Thankful

Shawn, Charlotte, and I genuinely enjoyed our trip to D.C. for Thanksgiving. Shawn had the entire week free from school, so we took our time driving there and back. (Thanks for the gas, Mom and Dad!) The drive was about 12 hours, but Charlotte was very good, considering...

We stayed at Pop-pop Lubin's place in Springfield along with the Georgia Lubins plus Travis who was visiting from the Y. (BYU, not the YMCA.) Uncle Neil, Aunt Missy, and D.C. came up from Richmond and Aunt Kathy came over each day with Erin and Kyle. Uncle Chris even flew in from Australia to join the fun, although he missed the turkey. Between meals, we enjoyed hours of entertainment with Travis' Nintendo Wii.

Shawn, Charlotte, and I got to visit Scott and Melisa- who we have not seen in Forever- and hang out with Atley and Nash. Nash went to bed early, but Atley stayed up with Charlotte to introduce his baby cousin to Matchbox® cars while the "adults" played with the Wii.

We were also delighted to see some of our best buds from Richmond who were up in Fairfax for the holiday: Brent, Elissa, Sara, Justin, and Baby Avery.

We Butlers are grateful for our wonderful and generous family and friends, for the nation in which we live, for the abundance all around us, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This year we are also especially thankful for our new addition and the joy that she brings into each day. Life is good!

Erin (pre- pink-eye) and Charlotte.

We love Wii.

The oldest and youngest kids at the party.

Charlotte and Atley: I'm sure this will be very embarrassing one day. :)


Adam & Wendy said...

I love the oldest and youngest picture, that is the sweetest! She is so cute and even cuter in person. We are so glad we got to meet up with you guys in Atlanta. Thanks for fighting traffic just to walk around a mall with us! We love you guys.


Erin said...

It was so fun seeing you guys at Thanksgiving. Have fun in Paris!