Sunday, December 13, 2009

Child vs. wild

These are some pics from Helen over Thanksgiving weekend. We drove up for the day and "hiked" to Anna Ruby Falls. It was just the right level of difficulty for a 2-year-old: about 1 mile, paved the whole way (plus we had her stroller). Some dogs and alpacas showed up, so the experience kind of turned into a petting zoo, which made it all the better.

Downtown Helen is pretty tacky, so we skipped over it this time and stopped for a cheap and delicious lunch at North Georgia Barbeque Company. I would add it to the short list of "Helen's Best" alongside the Nora Mill grits and Nacoochee Grill.


Shawn Butler said...

Yes, Charlotte surprised us by turning out to be quite the little survivalist. I think it won't be long before she is off camping on her own, hiking and living off the land. As soon as she can manage to leave behind the tutu, sparkly shoes and baby blanket.

Stephanie said...

my favorite part of this post is the fact that charlotte is wearing a tutu on your hike. Miss you!

Ashley Wilcox Stephens said...

So, I spent half of the time reading this post going, "Who's Helen?" (I was thrown off by the first sentence starting off "here are some pictures of Helen from over the weekend...")

Anyways, I am ready for another update of Jax's cute Valentine! I hope Char still knows who he is :( I showed him a picture of Char and told him that's his girlfriend.

They're getting married. I can't wait!

likeschocolate said...

I love how she carries her blankie everywhere!

Lara said...

Hey Ginny, or should I still call you Sis. Butler ;)... Good to see you are doing so well, Charlotte looks so beautiful (but that's to be expected with such good looking parents I guess)