Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Charlotte Walks the Redneck Riviera

That's right- she walks! Charlotte finally gave in to the growing trend among babies age 9 months and up. She spent a couple hours with her friend Peter- 17 months old and an avid walker- on Thursday; that night, she voluntarily took 5-6 consecutive steps for the first time. We then spent Saturday and Sunday in Panama City Beach with our friends Lisa, Matt, and Baby Ryan. Baby Ryan is 5 months younger than Charlotte and he's already been walking for a month! Charlotte was so embarrassed by her own mobility deficiencies that she decided to just give up the game and get mobile. In a nutshell, Charlotte now walks like a champ as a direct result of peer pressure. *Remind me to lock her in a closet from ages 12-19.

We enjoyed a whirlwind weekend in the Redneck Riviera. Why do I say "whirlwind"?
1. We left at 6am on Saturday and returned at 2am Monday morning.
2. Hurricane Gustav sent some mighty gales our way, resulting in red flag warnings and many missing beach umbrellas.

Pictures to come when I have the patience to wait the 20 minutes it takes them to upload!


Britt Butler said...

YAY!!! Go Charlotte!! Y'all need to come play soon...sorry we missed you at the Butler's the other week, I should've just come without Jeff, duh! Call me if you want to come down and hang out, we need new pics of the 3 girlies together! (oh, and I loved your comment about the finger true!)

D.C. Butler's said...

Congratulations Charlotte! Sometimes baby peer pressure is the best. We can't wait to see you mobile.

Shawn Butler said...

*Oh, honey, they were "Double" red flag warnings. This is significant!*

"Double" means "Closed Beaches"
"Red" means "High Hazard"

and, Incidentally,
"Purple" means "Dangerous Marine Pest"
This includes Jellyfish and Man-eating Sharks.

William and Lacey said...

Good Job Charlotte! Welcome to the world of walking!