Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stepping up

Loooong-anticipated news: Charlotte took her first steps today! In typical Charlotte fashion, she was lured into walking by Aunt Dana's ice cream, which was just out of reach. She was kind of mad at us for preying on her weakness for sweets, but she couldn't resist. I think she was feeling inadequate on the 4th when all the other babies at the party where walking around while Char was still crawling. It's embarrassing to be so old (14 months) and so big (think beer belly on a baby) but bound by inferior means of transportation. She's up to 4 consecutive steps at best, but we're working on it! We'll keep practicing so there's something to show Mom-mom and Pop-pop Becker when they arrive this weekend.

And happy 84th birthday to Pop-pop Lubin! I'm trying to teach Charlotte how to say "geezer" before the cruise!


William and Lacey said...

Congrats! That's huge news! Good job to Charlotte! : )

Ashley Wilcox Stephens said...

YAY!!!!!! Now it's time for Jax to "step it up!" I can't wait to see her skills!

BTW- you up for eatin' dirty sometime in the next week or so??

gregandlaura said...

yay!! Keep it up charlotte! Hopefully she doesn't follow in Braden's footsteps and wait a whole 2 more months to walk for real!!! I have faith in her though :) she'll catch on quickly!
ps- the picture is hilarious!

Sod Fam said...

How funny- gotta love the ice cream! Charlotte is so cute! That is awesome that she is starting to walk. V was exactly the same way- a big healthy baby. She's still growing into the belly at almost 5. We miss you guys around here, but it's fun to check your blog from time to time!

Steve and Steph said...

Go Charlotte, Go! We are still waiting for Lucy to crawl. Sometimes doesn't it seem like they will NEVER get it down? Good for you guys!