Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday Party Take II

We had the best time at Charlotte's Georgia birthday party with her family and friends. Here are some pics from Charlotte's Parisian "Birthday Soiree."

Charlotte with Uncle Travis & Uncle Jared.

Charlotte's new Care Bear puppet from her friend Peter.

Yay for presents! Thanks everyone!

Aunt Robyn and yummy cupcakes.

I love sugar!

Girl time with cousins Halle and JeAnn.

Mommy's friends Ash & Lisa w/ Charlotte's boyfriends Jax & Ryan.

Butlers, Butlers everywhere...

Becca & Uncle Mitch can't distract Char from her croissant.

LaRae's fabulous fondant recipe!

Mommy with Char's 1st-year gallery.

Au revoir!


D.C. Butler's said...

How fun! Wish we could have been thre!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your baby birthday, party planning skills!! WOW!

It's all so precious and I really want one of those cupcakes ;)


Steve and Steph said...

What an adorable party! Seriously, so cute. I love your dress too (I think it is a dress, but I guess it could be a top). I wish we could have been there.

Adam and Lisa said...

That party looks so fun and really cute! Sorry we weren't able to make it. Charlotte is adorable, by the way. I love those big eyes!

Todd and Sara said...

Very nice party!

Sod Fam said...

That looks like an awesome 1st birthday party- love the theme! Did you decorate those cupcakes? They look great! You should go into event planning.