Friday, February 1, 2008

TAG- I´m It!


what is his name? Shawn Patrick Butler

how long have you been together? 5 years

how long did you date? About 10 months... before we were married. Wow, that sounds fast.

how old his he? 28

who eats more? It depends what´s being served. Pizza: Definitely Shawn. Fruit or Chocolate: Me.

who said i love you first? Shawn

who is taller? He is.

who can sing better? I can, but he plays the instruments.

who is smarter? This is a mean question. We each have our gifts. I´m probably the better student, but Shawn is very gifted in the creativity, verbal, and language arenas.

who does the laundry? Me, for sure.

who pays the bills? Both of us... I´m trying to take over. Thankfully, we don´t have many bills right now.

who sleeps on the right side? Shawn

who mows the lawn? Haha, what lawn? I think my brothers do it. Shawn mowed in Richmond, and it was no picnic with that rickety heap of mower we had.

who cooks dinner? Me... or my mom, lately... Shawn used to cook for us while I was in school.

who drives? Usually Shawn.

who is more stubborn? Me

who kissed who first? Shawn kissed me.

who asked who out first? Um, Heather? I´m not sure... I know Shawn asked when we actually went out, not just hung out.

who proposed? Shawn, of course. I mean, really... we´re southern.

who has more friends? Another mean question. I guess I have more close friends, but Shawn may have more sorta-friends/acquaintances.

who is more sensitive? Me. I´m sort of high maintenance.

who has more siblings? Same: We each have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

who wears the pants? It depends on the situation. But I am pretty bossy. Sorry, Hon.

TAG- YOU'RE IT!! Ginny M., Kendall, & Carly

1 comment:

Shawn Butler said...

This proves my theory that all online surveys are written by 15-year-old girls. I mean, look at the questions on here--this is totally geared at chicks.
"who can sing better?" Please.
Why doesn't it ask "who can throw a spiral?" or "who is the most likely to cry when they see a bug?"

We could also replace "who does the laundry" and "who wears the pants" with "who has to do all the negotiating when ginny is unhappy about something?", "who complains to the waiter when Ginny's order is messed up?", and "who moves all the furniture every time Ginny decides they should be in a new place?"