Saturday, October 6, 2007

From Virginia Lovers to Georgia Peaches

We have now been in Georgia for a week. Shawndaddy is getting ready to start his MBA at Georgia State, and we're all getting settled in at the Lubins' house. It is certainly a challenge trying to fit a 3-bedroom house into a bedroom, but we're working on it... slowly. We're excited to be back in the awesome Webb Bridge Ward and reunite with some friends we've missed. The area is very family-friendly, so Charlotte and I will have lots of fun hanging out with other moms and babies, going for walks, and attending reading time at the library.

Charlotte's 1st Sunday in the Webb Bridge Ward
I think Charlotte is becoming acclimated to the sudden influx of faces in her life. Her world has expanded from just Mom and Dad to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Charlotte was invited to her first party to celebrate Cousin Savannah's 2nd birthday. She looked pretty cute until she wet her pants. Very embarrassing.

Charlotte loves to give Grandma Lubin big slobbery kisses.

Out for pizza with the Butler Clan: Ann and Ken, Scott, Jeff and Britt, Savannah the Birthday Girl, and I think that's Halle's foot at the bottom of the picture


Kelly Grace said...

We totally understand the whole moving issues and trying to squeeze! I am just realizing how much I miss my own dishes. It is nice to be back at home, I guess knowing it is temporary helps, oh and all of the free babysitters we have here! How long will you be at home? Charlotte will get tons of attention, she is so cute! I know one day we will see you guys again! We should plan a Evers/Butler/Miller trip! Like four years from now! That would be so much fun-good times again!

Steve and Steph said...

Charlotte is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to meet her. Thanks for your comment. I think Lucy is a pretty good mix. Steve's mouth, forehead, face shape, and curly hair (and hopefully not his tree trunk thighs); and my eyes, nose, and blond hair. Isn't it so fun to try and figure out who they look like.

I am feeling for you about the whole move thing. It was hard enough to fit all of our stuff into one room when it was just the two of us and I can't imagine how hard it is with a baby. Although, I am sure it is well worth it for the chance to be world travelers!

clarkefam said...

well we are glad you are here too! charlotte is a dool! getting cuter and cuter every time i see a new pic! hey, sorry i missed your birthday! happy belated!