Thursday, September 6, 2007

Charlotte Hangs Out With Billy Ray Cyrus

While in New York last week, Shawn, Charlotte and I were lucky enough to attend a taping of Good Morning America in Times Square with Ann and Ken, Jeff and Britt, and little Savannah and Halle. We saw a brief cooking demonstration by Wolfgang Puck and a fun concert by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Charlotte captured Billy Ray's attention right from the beginning. When he greeted the audience, he said to Charlotte, "Hey! I saw you outside [the window]!" After he ran through his practice rehearsal of "Brown-Eyed Girl," he commented on how good Charlotte was. I agreed that she was a good girl and told him, "She's not your biggest fan, but she's your smallest fan."

B. R. C. saw us taking a picture and gave Shawn a "thumbs up" in the background, so look closely:

Robin and my mom saw the show and said that all of us appear a few times, but I haven't seen it yet! Meanwhile, they also taped an extension of the show for the internet, and you can see Britt and me with the babies just before 5 minutes into it:


Kelly Grace said...

I watched it twice! That is so cool!I love having a moment of really slight fame! I am in the Dixie Chicks music video Wide Open Spaces. That is my claim to fame! You look so great btw!

Jason & Ginny said...

That is so cool!!! I love NY! That will be fun for Charlotte to watch 20 years from now!

Josiah said...

Hey Shawn, I knew that you were going to be famous. May I have your autograph?