Friday, August 17, 2007

Charlotte's First Illness :(

I'm sure the doctor could tell I am a first-time mom when I came running in Monday morning with a happy but spotted infant. Charlotte broke out in little red spots all over her body- even her palms and the soles of her feet- but the doctor said it looked like a basic viral infection. The spots went away after a few days, but then the coughing and sneezing started. I was a wreck Wednesday night when Charlotte had coughing/sneezing fits all through the night. I woke her up a few times to suction out her nose; she did not like that. I eventually put her in her swing to finish out the night so that her head would be elevated. Charlotte is still her sweet self, just sleeping more and eating a bit less. Nonetheless, I will be glad to see this go!


Kelly Grace said...

Oh hello... You are not alone my friend! First time mom is a hard job! We can totally relate! Elle has already been to the emergency room three times! So dont feel bad! It means you really love her! My neice is Charlotte Michelle Syphus. I love the name Chralotte, it is perfect! She could not be any cuter, her eyes are amazing! Jeff and I love to look at all of you trips and adventures! We miss you guys and really need to meet Charlotte one of these days!

Super Ro said...

Oh no!! That sounds horrible, poor little thing. I hope she is feeling better now!