Monday, August 20, 2007

Charlotte Is Thriving!

I took Charlotte in for her 4-month check-up this morning with Dr. Soltys. Her head circumference is 14.25"- in the 50th percentile, her weight is 14 lbs. and 9 oz.- in the 75th percentile, and her height is 25.75"- in the 95th percentile for babies her age! Dr. Soltys called her "long and lean." Charlotte has "full gums" where her bottom front teeth will be, meaning that she is in the pre-teething stage now, which accounts for the excessive drooling! Because Charlotte has been early with previous milestones, Dr. Soltys says she will be sitting up soon and may be an early crawler and walker, so we should start thinking about baby-proofing our house.

Charlotte enjoyed the praise and withstood the probing, all smiles and coos until the syringe came out. She got her second round of shots: HiB, IPV, DTaP, and Prevnar. Charlotte had a good cry until we got to the car, where she promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep for almost the entire afternoon.

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