Friday, June 22, 2007

Charlotte Loves Her Family

Charlotte has been lucky enough to meet many members of her family already. Grandma Lubin was there at her birth, and she met Grandma and Grandpa Butler two weeks later. Mom-mom and Pop-pop Becker came to visit when Charlotte was four weeks old. At five weeks, we took Charlotte on her first road trip to Atlanta where she met Grandpa Lubin, Uncles Travis, Jared, Mike, and Jeff, Aunts Dana, Robyn, and Britt, and Cousins JeAnn, Logan, Robby, Savannah, and Halle. We enjoyed getting together for Charlotte's first Braves game and to celebrate her blessing on May 27th.
Charlotte met Aunt Cindy, Uncle Michael, and Cousins Alison and Phillip on a fun day trip to Fredericksburg.
Charlotte enjoyed her first air travel when I took her to San Antonio to see Mom-mom and Pop-pop Becker again. She saw her first movie in the theater, watched her first parade- complete with John Deere tractors and fire engines from five counties- and met her Uncle Mitch!
On Thursday, we had a great time getting together with the Virginia Lubins- and Gundersons- here in Richmond. Charlotte saw her Aunt Missy, Uncle Neil, and Cousin D.C. and met Aunt Kathy, Cousins Erin and Kyle, and her Pop-pop Lubin. Pop-pop enjoyed meeting his first great-granddaughter although she decided to fuss all evening!

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Jason & Ginny said...

I'm so glad you started a blog for your little one!! We have a blog as well, you will have to check it out. There are some people from the ward that I have links for. I am so happy for you guys, you seem to be doing great!